Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who I am.

Inspired by the lovely Sanchez at
I am me,
I write letters to myself
because no one else will.
I live to write
little pieces of nothing
and everything.
I haven't found him
but i will someday.
Pictures can be worth a thousand words
But words can be worth a thousand pictures too.
I like the colour
it's everywhere I look.
If you haven't sprinkled glitter out of a window,
then I suggest you try it,
I read poems
and write them too.
$2.50 for 30 blue pens really was the best deal
I have done in a long time.
I think way too much.
Music drowns out the bad things.
I'm good at giving advice,
but not taking it.
Walls are the canvas of your heart and mind,
mine will never be blank.
Sometimes I speak to my dogs
as if they can hear me and talk back.
I have a job,
but mainly wish I didn't.
I like cold water,
and sometimes can't swallow warm water.
I'm 16
and still afraid of the dark.
I hold my breath,
when I run through the hallways at night.
With out pen and paper
I'd be lost forever
or never would have existed in the first place.
I wrote lyrics on post-it notes.
Forget boys,
I'm in love with frozen raspberries.
I've given up caring
because I had to.