Thursday, September 29, 2011


I haven't posted anything in what seems like forever and I haven't written anything in that long either. I don't know why the words have stopped coming, I can only guess that it's because of the pressure of the coming exams. The last thing that I wrote was a letter to her explaining things. It worked. She replied and things are better now.
I haven't seen any of my friends in days. Seen as in spent time with for longer than twenty minutes. I picked up a friend from the bus station today and we talked, but it's a strange feeling being cut off from everyone. I saw another last night when he gave me some religion notes, a cute letter (which I discovered later) and a kiss on the cheek. I miss our chats.
People always said to appreciate the last days of school, I didn't and only now I'm just starting to realise that I won't get to see certain people everyday, or catch up with people at lunch or annoy teachers with our endless chatting. This is supposed to be the best time of my life, but if that's the case, I don't get all the hype. Why wouldn't the rest of my life be better than this?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just understand okay?

You have to understand that I don't do things like this often. Usually I just sit back and quietly get upset over things that I won't change. But not this time okay? Please understand that I won't do that this time. I'm not an entirely selfish person, and I'm sorry if this hurts you by me making this decision. But I'm losing you anyway. Ever since you had him I've felt like you didn't need me anymore. Yes, maybe I've pulled away, but you've forgotten about me. You may not realise but you do that often.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New followers

To the dear people that have recently started following my blog, it saddens me that it won't let me see who you are so I can't view your blogs or follow you back :(
If you could drop me a comment I'd be very grateful :)