Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If I were the Ocean I would...

Slip into little cracks, let the wind take my spray far away,
evaporate and turn myself into delicate raindrops,
soak through the parched soil of a drought stricken place,
flow to the distant corners of the earth,
become a slow moving glacier,

travel to Antarctica and form a frozen iceberg,
pour into the ground to rejuvinate a thirsty plant,
pelt down on earth so people can dance in me,

splash around the legs of people who are afraid to swim,
suck back from the earth as I gather my power,
rise in a giant wave drowning everyone in sight,
tear loved ones away from each other never to be seen again,

take a young child away from this earth,
pull a person under as they struggle for breath,
drag soulmates away with my careless currents,
envelop a person as they throw their life away,

hold people under until they are numb with cold,
and keep them there as they can no longer think,
or survive.

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