Tuesday, June 29, 2010

But I wish I could say this.

I've seen some posts including pictures expressing what the person wishes they could say to different people. I'm sorry that I can't remember who started this so that I can credit them, and also sorry that I can't show you some of the other lovely posts by people doing the same thing. Sorry.
There are things I wish I could say to different people.

Please stop. It hurts me when you treat me like this, and you know that.

I don't know right now, do you?

I'm happy for you :) And a little bit jealous at the same time.

You. Take these. Now. Or maybe stop taking them..

I can't think right now.

1 comment:

Smileyfreak said...

'I'm happy for you and a little bit jealous at the same time'

There are two people that I know that I wish I could say this to but the circumstances just aren't write you know ? :)

A lovely post :) Beautiful pictures