Friday, November 18, 2011

I said I wouldn't write about you but then I saw what she wrote and my heart just dropped and my shoulders sagged. What I want more than anything is just to talk to you again, to get to know you better, and for you to see that it's not her, it's me okay? I want to scream it to you at the top of my lungs IT'S ME IT'S ME IT'S ME so that it sticks in your head and so you don't forget. I haven't let my hope get this high in so long and what she wrote just brought them crashing down on top of my head. Now everytime I read it my eyes fog up and I hate her I hate her I hate her all over again.

This isn't very poetic or even well written, but it's emotional and that's all that matters.


Lilah said...

I hope you're okay. You're an incredible person. Fight.

Melee said...

Never underestimate the power of raw emotion!
I love this, dear. It reminds me of similar moments I've had before. I'm sorry you're so unhappy, though. <3

P.s. I am Me. said...

Thankyou Melee :) They really are just that though, just moments. It's alright though, I get through them :)