Saturday, February 5, 2011

10 people, 10 things.

Angry angry angry
Everything you do or say makes me angry
Please don't talk to me
I do resent you.

Stop stop stop
Please will you just stop
Please don't nag me any more
I can't stand it
You're making me resent you.

Lonely lonely lonely
I always feel lonely
Now out of place with my own friends
People say they don't change
That they won't
And they lie
They always do.

Intruder intruder intruder
You make me feel like an intruder
How come I feel alone around my own friends?
This is all your fault.

Bitter bitter bitter
I am becoming bitter
Soon I will be sour as a lemon
Repelling people from my presence
As you are both repelling me from yours.

Confused confused confused
You make me so confused
More than ever before
I don't want it to be this way
Please make things clearer
And show me that you care.

Changed changed changed
I didn't like you when you changed
When you stopped being there
When you started hanging around with them
When you began to treat me differently
Sometimes I miss you now, sometimes I don't
Where were you when I needed you?
I don't know if I need you now.

Different different different
You are the same but different
I don't know how I feel about you as a friend
I don't know whether I can trust you
Like you trust me.

Understand understand understand
I don't understand
You are messed up
Taking more pills than I can count
I notice when your eyes change
You say no one else does
Its really because I look into things more than other people
Maybe because when I look, I really see.

Gone gone gone
Where have you gone?
What changed?
Something is different
But I don't know what it is
I just want things to be the same they were.


Lilah said...

thats beautiful and sad
it really captures the way emotions and friendships with people change
and how hard it is to communicate your true emotions to one another

i knew who some of the people were but not all.
"Maybe because when i look, i really see"
that's so rare these days
even if people say they dont appreciate it
they're always quietly pleased that someone cared enough to try and stop them

it's hard when people change and it often ends feeling like you've been left behind

i really like this, i think it's such a powerful piece of writing
maybe you should show it to some of the people
with love,

Lilah said...

oh and also the rhythm created through repitition is really effective and makes me feel a bit sick with emotion
really really great

Melee said...

Oh, this just makes me so sad. I'm sorry that people are becoming strangers and that you are feeling lonely. If I could give you a real honest-to-goodness hug, I would.