Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I always wanted to be 17.

Well, not always, it was just something that, in the last two years, I looked toward becoming.

17 seemed so sophisticated. Old, but not old enough for all the responsibilities that come with turning 18, responsible, but young enough for it to be okay to still depend on my parents.

It seemed like the age of freedom, not from school, but from...I actually don't know what from. It's different than I thought. More difficult. It seems to be all about school, and drama with friends. Hot days, and fighting at home. Homework and assessments, Work, and days off. Looking forward to the holidays because I don't have to put up with school for six whole weeks. Late nights and sleep-ins. Staying up until everyone else has already gone to bed and the house is silent, and trying not to make any noise while I brush my teeth, or get a snack at 2 in the morning. Waking up feeling more tired than before I slept, but when night-time comes, I'll do it all again. Having the time to read long books that I don't have to analyse, or find any deeper meaning in, unless I wish to.

But for now, I wait.

I'd have to agree with you there.
But it will be ok :)


Some Girl said...

I love the way you describe being 17. It reminds me of being 17.

Melee said...

To me, 16 always seemed incredibly old. I never though much past 16 since it seemed so far away. Now I'm 17 1/2 and I feel absurdly young.
Parts of this definitely sound like my life!

Jokerman said...

Sounds like me right now (16). I', looking forward to 17 though, not just because it's my favourite number :P