Thursday, January 6, 2011

Man I miss Blogger

It's been so long since I was on here, and I'm hoping that I will have time to come back often.
I miss reading all \the beautiful writing here, and I miss getting the occasional comment from someone looking at this blog.
I miss being able to write what I want, and what I feel and not having to worry about what my friends think.
I don't seem to have that luxury on Tumblr.

Blogger has changed, but I like it. The people on here aren't superficial like on other sites.

And yes, I've really missed it. :)


Melee said...

I've really missed you, my dear! I am overjoyed to see you're back. :)

Lilah said...

ive read all yours since you've been gone, they were lovely.
i'm so glad you're back.
i agree with you in the sense that tumblr is far more public,
you lack freedom i suppose.
i can't wait to see your new posts, please do keep writing.
since you were the person that got me into blogger. i felt like i'd lost a friend when you stopped writing.
i was so surprised to see you back, happy but surprised. its been a while.
with love,