Sunday, January 16, 2011

Night Terror

Shaking and trembling
she lies
a feeling of unease
as she falls asleep

the dream begins
unexplainable terrors
fill her night


she drags herself
into a corner
and cries
parents rush in
she won't be woken

screaming and crying
she wakes
but the feeling remains
she'll never forget

When I was younger, I used to have night terrors.
I would scream out, and cry and my parents would hold me as I thrashed around.
Sobbing, I would cry out for my Mum, as if I didn't know that she was right beside me.
My Mum told me that it broke my Dad's heart to have to watch and hear me crying out.
Once I had a night terror while I was staying at my Nan's.
She didn't know what to do, so she watched as I crawled out of bed, still asleep, and into a corner while I cried.
She didn't do anything.
I still remember that feeling, and it scares me when I feel it.
I don't have night terrors anymore.


1 comment:

Melee said...

Oh, my heart breaks for the younger you!
I sometimes experience something similar... often after seeing or reading something even vaguely disturbing, I spend my nights in a half-lucid state, sweating and obsessively plagued by a thought that has to do something with the thing that initally distressed me. It's awful though not nearly as bad as this.